Communicating with your Real Estate Photographer

Communicating with Your Real Estate Photographer

You did your research, sorted through portfolios, and have finally found a real estate photographer you feel confident and comfortable working with. You book a shoot with them and then wait for the appointment. What should you communicate to the real estate photographer before the shoot?

While your photographer has plenty experience shooting various properties and they know exactly what to do you don’t want to just leave it up to chance that they will capture everything you expect. When you hire your real estate photographer there are some key details that you might want to discuss with them prior to the shoot. While you shouldn’t have to micromanage the shoot please do not expect them to read your mind. Simply pass along some thoughts prior to the shoot and all should be great!

Communicating with Your Real Estate Photographer

  1. Pricing

One of the first things you will want to discuss with your photographer after establishing they have adequate experience is their pricing. Do they charge per image or use the square footage of the property? Do they have various products that they offer? Are there additional services you should take advantage of like virtual tours, drone photographer or virtual staging?

  1. Ownership

Who owns the images after you have the final edits from your photographer? The photographer or you? Most agents fail to fully understand image ownership and just assume they can use the images from the photographer however they wish, but this is not always the case. Most photographers do not bring up the topic of ownership or a licensing agreement but it is something you want to do. You want to discuss how you can use the images and for how long. This is a very interesting and dynamic issue that will make headlines in the near future. Protect yourself by having an understanding before you complete your order.

  1. Go over a shot list

Yes, your real estate photographer will have a general idea of all the rooms that need to be shot. But because each property is different you want to discuss what exactly you want them to shoot and how many images of each room you would like. If there are details of the home you want to have highlighted such as the molding, floors, mantels, or ceiling please communicate this to your real estate photographer. Here are a few specifics that you might want to mention:

  • Kitchen – Discuss any updates made to the kitchen, islands, modern appliances, countertops and especially cabinetry and storage.
  • Bedrooms – Highlight stand out features in the bedrooms such as the amount of natural light in each room, built in features, flooring and closet space.
  • Family rooms/living rooms – Items like fireplaces, reading nooks, lighting, and other small details that make these rooms unique and appealing will want to be focused on.
  • Basement – If the basement is finished or partially finished you want to make sure there are images of the work done.
  • Exterior – For the backyard, you want to ensure the photographer can show the space and additional features like a pool, deck, grill area, fire pit or play area.
  • Additional rooms – Be sure the photographer knows of any additional rooms or spaces that you want to show with your listing. Home offices, garages, sunrooms, laundry rooms/mud rooms, and eat in kitchens are all additional rooms and spaces that not every home may have but can be major selling points for potential buyers.

It is easy to make sure your expectations are understood by the photographer and being able to communicate this with them can ensure a long term relationship. Remember: Don’t assume the photographer will know exactly what you want! A little communication can go a long way.