What is typical real estate photography pricing?

What is typical real estate photography pricing?

What is typical real estate photography pricing? Hiring a professional real estate photographer to photograph your listings can be the best investment you make to boost your real estate business. The types of images you display online can significantly help sell the property. Images are the first impression you give buyers of the homes you are selling so you don’t want to just take them yourself or hire just any photographer to do the job. While real estate photographers can be plentiful or perhaps scarce in your area you might be wondering just how much is real estate photography pricing. There are a few methods/factors that photographers use to determine real estate photography pricing, here are a few:

Real Estate Photography Pricing

  1. Number of Images.

You will find a number of real estate photographers who determine real estate photography  pricing based on the number of delivered images. The number of images you can expect depends on where you live and what price point the listing falls in. As a general rule, most photographers keep this number around 20-30 images. You have the option to obtain more (or less) but this comes with a change in  price. Most photographers will charge a base price and a per photo price. These prices can start at $75/10 images for entry level photography to over $300/10 images for more established real estate photographers. Sites like Stilio.com allow their registered photographers to use this method.

  1. Size of the home.

Another option used for real estate photography pricing is using the square footage of the home. The photographer bases their pricing on the size of the home they will need to shoot. The likely rationale is because they can better estimate how long it will take to shoot a specific sized home. Real estate photography pricing in this manner can be higher than the per photo pricing method…although you can always find cheaper or more expensive options in any pricing model. An example in Maine is $.10 per square foot. Lady era for female https://www.lifestyle-pharmacy.com/product/lady-era/

  1. When and where will you need them to shoot?

When hiring a real estate photographer, be aware that the day you expect them to shoot and the time of day you need them there might cost you more. A few photographers will charge extra if you only want them to shoot on the weekends. If you want them to capture the property in the evening hours then this can also be an additional charge. Additionally, many photographers will charge a travel fee for shoots outside their normal service area.

  1. Video.

Most real estate photographers will offer video services as well because most professional cameras allow them to easily switch from still images to video recording. Since this will take extra time for them to shoot and for them to edit, this extra service will cost more. Pricing typically starts from $250-$400 for a 2-5 minute video. Why weight loss with phentermine is right way http://buyphenterminetabs.com/

  1. Drone services.

Aside from the basic still images and videos, there are other services you might want to discuss with your photographer and ensure they are capable of doing. Drone images or aerial images of your listing can make you stand out in your area. These images can capture a wider view of the property, neighborhood and give a much clearer sense to you potential buyers what it would be like to live in the home. Drone pricing can start at $175 for 5 photos and $350 for drone video.

*Note that pricing will depend on your market and that these prices are based on 2017-18 research. Prices vary greatly and these estimates are only intended to indicate entry level pricing.