Drone Photography Benefits

Drone Photography Benefits

Due to all of the drone photography benefits found in real estate, drones have rocketed to popularity in the real estate industry. Drone photography is making it easier and more cost effective for agents to generate more interest in their listings. If you have been hesitating to use drone photography here are a few drone photography benefits:

Benefits of Drone Photography:

  1. You stand out in the industry.

Drone photography captures a new perspective of the properties you list which can ultimately get your listing more attention. While drone photography is being used more most agents are still not utilizing it. This gives you the advantage to set yourself apart from other agents and listings. This will likely make you more memorable with sellers.

  1. Gives a better view of the property.

The aerial shots from a drone gives a more spacious view of the property being sold. Drone photography allows you to not only show the home itself but also gives a view of the neighborhood and surrounding areas. This allows you to showcase what is near the home which can make the home more appealing. Standard photography will not be able to give you the same understanding of the property like a drone.

  1. Include drone video.

You don’t have to rely on just the standard still images when using drone photography. Drone operators allows you to include videos with your listing as well. You can give potential buyers a video tour of the property inside and out as well as the surrounding area. More and more home buyers rely on video to gather information about the property and neighborhood.

  1. Utilized over multiple platforms.

Social media is one area of your marketing plan you might be neglecting. With advancement in social sharing and social media, having aerial photos and videos of your listing can get you additional attention. Drone images or video can be easily shared on social media platforms as well as MLS. Don’t forget, content is king on social media!

  1. Better inform potential buyers.

The more a buyer knows about a property the more likely they are to look at the property in person. Using drone photography and video allows you to provide more information to interested home buyers. When you better educate the buyer on the home and the surrounding area you answer you can build much more interest in the property.

Downfalls of Drone Photography.

While including drone photography into your real estate listings there are a few disadvantages that you’ll want to be aware of.

  1. Only hire a drone operator that has experience using drone photography for real estate. This ensures you are working with someone who already knows what you are looking for and will be able to better meet the expectation you outline for them. However, using a drone takes practice and getting clear, stunning images is not something every photographer has mastered. Be sure to look through the photographer’s portfolio to determine how much experience they have using a drone. Just like hiring a real estate photographer, finding a drone operator that has real estate experience is a must.
  2. Utilizing drone photography does come with a number of restrictions and regulations. Not all the properties you list are going to be able to use drone photography. For example, your listing may fall in restricted airspace near an airport. Professional drone operators must be able to determine if your listing can have a legal drone flight. Make sure your drone operator is licensed by the FAA and has the necessary insurance.
  3. You have to consider the privacy concerns of neighbors as well as any damage that can occur to the drone, property, and people when the drone is being used. It is best to always talk to the home sellers as well as neighbors about using a drone for your real estate listing. Giving neighbors a simple notification that there will be a drone in use can save a lot of headaches and unnecessary aggravation.