5 Things Real Estate Photographers Wish Their Clients Knew

What Your Real Estate Photographer Wants You to Know

There are some things your real estate photographer wants you to know. Some of these things have to do with the listing appointment and some have to do with photography in general. Most likely your real estate photographer is too polite to tell you about these thoughts…but we will! The point is to increase knowledge and communication between the parties.

5 Things Real Estate Photographers Wish Their Clients Knew:

1. Your smart phone is not the same as a professional camera.

No matter how many megapixels your smartphone may have, the image quality does not compare to that of a professional DSLR. Camera phones are not able to capture as much detail as the big sensor of a professional camera. The DSLR sensor is leaps and bounds better than your smartphone sensor. This helps the DSLR capture far greater information to use in editing. Speaking of editing, real estate photographers invest heavily in editing software so they can perform complex editing. The combination of a professional camera and editing software ensures you get the highest quality images that you won’t achieve using your smart phone or app.

2. Your photographer is likely NOT a home stager.

Properly staging the home for sale is a key component to taking great images. But you should not rely on your photographer to do the staging. Photographers know photography, not staging. Additionally, your photographer’s prices typically only include photography services, not staging services. Most photographers will be helpful and move some things around, but please don’t ask to move couches!

3. Don’t skip on the deep cleaning.

Doing a quick clean up of the home might seem like a time-saving idea but remember the professional cameras real estate photographers use will pick up a lot of details, including stains, dust and more. It isn’t enough just to make sure all the clutter has been cleared away, time should be spent thoroughly cleaning each property. This goes for the inside as well as the outside. From deep cleaning the carpets to cleaning the fireplace, all areas of the home should be cleaned. Every stain, dis-colorization, and spot can show up in the images. It is best to always take the time to properly clean the home prior to the photographer arriving to shoot.

4. Photographers want the images to look as realistic as possible.

A real estate photographer typically does not like editing major defects out of photographs. While they can take out any distracting items and make minor corrections there are some things they don’t want to do. Cracks in the walls, driveways, or ceilings are typically things they won’t want to edit out. Telephone poles and wires that run across the yard are other things they will leave in. These simple edits can make the home look better but removing them will be misleading to potential buyers.

5. Do one last walk through.

The day of the shoot you want to take the time to carefully walk through each area of the home BEFORE the real estate photographer arrives. Aside from hiding away all personal items and thoroughly cleaning the home, there are a number of things that can be easily overlooked. Make sure all the lights work in each of the rooms, including any table or side lights. Pay attention to blinds and curtains so that they are smoothed, spaced out and facing the same direction, this goes for shower curtains as well. All remotes and cables should be out of sight, TVs off, toilet seats closed with a fresh roll of toilet paper. You want to scan the exterior of the home and do one last sweep of the sidewalks.