Preparing Your Listing for Photography

Preparing Your Listing for Photography

Preparing a listing for photographyAs a listing agent, you want to ensure you are correctly preparing your listing for photography so it is captured in the best light possible. While it is up to the photographer to capture the best angles, lighting, and details of the home, this isn’t easily done if the property isn’t photo ready. It is your job as the Realtor for the homeowner to make sure the home being photographed is at its best. This often means that you will need to inform your clients of the steps needed to ensure the home is ready. The following guidelines can be used as a reference to getting the property ready for your real estate photographer.


The exterior of the home is going to be the first image most buyers will view so you want to make sure it has curb appeal. When you are preparing your listing for photography taking extra time to properly clean and maintain the exterior of the home prior to the shoot will result in much better images. To prepare the exterior of the home for your photographer, be sure to check off these items:

  • The lawn should be recently mowed, any shrubs or bushes should be trimmed and leaves should be raked from the yard.
  • Clear away any empty planters and unnecessary lawn decorations.
  • Remove any personal items from the yard. Toys, tools, water hoses, garbage cans, pet toys and any other miscellaneous items should be out of sight.
  • If you have a garage the doors should be closed.
  • Do not park cars in the driveway or in front of the home.
  • Sweep sidewalks and porch areas and clear away any cobwebs that may be around the door frame or front porch.
  • If possible, try to power wash the exterior of the home and clean the window.
  • The backyard should be well maintained and you should try to create a relaxing and welcoming environment.
  • All outdoor furniture should be cleaned.
  • Replace old cushions or pillows with newer ones that are not faded.
  • If you have a pool make sure it has been recently cleaned.
  • Keep all pool items and cleaning supplies stored away.


While preparing your listing for photography the interior may take more time simply because of all the rooms you will need to prepare! You want to make sure the interior is as neat and clean as possible. Follow these room by room suggestions to prepare the interior of the home for your photographer.

The entire home

  • All floors should be mopped, vacuumed and deep cleaned.
  • All furniture should be deep cleaned to remove stains or spots.
  • Furniture pieces should also be dusted and polished.
  • All windows should be cleaned.
  • Personal items should be packed away.
  • Clutter should be removed from floors, shelves, and other areas.



  • Clear most, if not all, items off the counter tops. You can also leave out a small fruit basket but make sure the fruit is fresh.
  • Clear the refrigerator of all magnets, pictures, and other papers.
  • Keep garbage cans hidden.
  • Do not leave out any dishes on the counters or sink.
  • Clean all areas from floor to ceiling.
  • Dust light fixtures and make sure the lights are working properly and that they all have the same type of bulb in them.
  • Remove ┬ásmall floor mats on the floor.

Dining room

  • Thoroughly clean the dining room table.
  • Use nice place settings on the table or a nice centerpiece of fresh flowers.
  • Remove all unnecessary items from the room.
  • Straighten the chairs and space them out evenly.
  • Dust light fixtures and ensure all bulbs are the same and working.

Living room

  • All papers should be removed from the area including newspapers and mail
  • Keep mantel clean and only display at most five items that are not personal.
  • Clean the fireplace.
  • Remove all toys and pet objects.
  • Fluff pillows.
  • Take down any family photos.
  • Keep TVs turned off and remotes out of sight.
  • Hide any power cables.


  • Make the bed using a neutral bed set.
  • Clear off personal items from the nightstand, dresser, and other furniture.
  • Store away any family photos.
  • Don’t forget to check under the bed so items do not accidental stick out from under it.
  • Any wall stickers or poster hanging on the walls should be taken down.


  • Preparing a listing for photographyStore away all personal items like soap, toothbrushes, hair products, and makeup.
  • Keep toilet seat closed and replace the toilet paper roll.
  • Remove any dirty laundry and towels from the bathroom.
  • Hang fresh clean hand towels that are neutral colored.
  • Remove floor mats and garbage cans.