How to Choose a Real Estate Photographer

How to Choose a Real Estate Photographer

Are you in need of professional photography but do not know how to choose a real estate photographer? You likely already know that real estate agents who use a professional photographer to take images of their listing are more likely to sell the home faster and at a higher price. Professional images can capture a buyer’s attention so they draw the buyer in and make them want to see more of the home. But how do you know which photographer is best for you? Hiring a real estate photographer can be an easy task if you know where to look and what to look for. Here are 5 steps to help you choose a real estate photographer.

Hiring a Real Estate Photographer

how to choose a real estate photographer

1. Do your research.

The first step to finding the right real estate photographer is to go online and search for one in your area. Search your local photographers on Each of these photographers have pros and cons. Review their profiles and make a list of potential photographers that can service your listing. You may need multiple photographers if you have listings spread out.

2. Look through their portfolio.

Every professional photographer should have a portfolio online that you can look through. There are a few key things to pay attention to when looking through these images to determine if they are the right photographer for you. The style the photographer shoots should be the first thing you take note of. What type of lighting do they use? Is it natural or flash? Are the images bright and welcoming, warm and relaxing or highly stylized and toned? Ask yourself how you want your listings to be presented to potential buyers. What works for one agent doesn’t always work for another, you want to consider how the photographer’s style and how they capture the space will help you as an agent grow your business.

3. Meet them in person.

Meeting with the photographer prior to hiring them can be helpful. You want to ensure that they are someone who has the right personality and professionalism that you can work with. It isn’t just necessary that you can work with the photographer, your clients or current homeowners will need to work with them as well. Whether you meet the photographer in person or at least have a conversation with them on the phone, you want to make sure their personality is one that you and your clients will mesh well with.

4. What is their specialty?

Photographers tend to cross into different niches. You’ll find wedding photographers who also do portraits, but many photographers may just do real estate photography as an addition to their photography business. If the photographer doesn’t specialize in real estate or architectural photography they may lack the skills to shoot real estate. Some photographers may have years of experience but it doesn’t mean they have the experience shooting the space of a home.

Also, consider the types of homes they have experience shooting. Have they primarily shot smaller suburban homes? Condos? Or luxurious million dollar homes? You want a photographer that not only has experience shooting real estate but also who is familiar with shooting the type of homes that you are listing.

5. Pricing.

You might be looking for a photographer that has the lowest price but you get what you pay for. Do not be immediately turned off by the price of the services a photographer offers. Photographers that know they have the skill, experience, and professionalism to charge a higher price for their service is one that is confident in the work they provide and is one that takes their business more seriously. While you don’t have to go with the most expensive real estate photographer you don’t want to just choose a photographer based only on the fact that they have a lower price tag.