5 Questions For Your Real Estate Photographer

5 Questions For Your Real Estate Photographer

Consider asking these 5 questions for your real estate photographer before you hire them. You already know how important it is to have high-quality images of the properties you are selling. These images are what will first capture the attention of potential buyers and can help sell the property faster. You may think taking the images on your own will be able to save you money but it will cost you more in the long run. As with anyone you hire, choosing the right photographer with the right experience will ensure you get the quality images that will help you sell the property. You don’t want to just hire anyone so keep in mind these questions.

5 Questions for your Real Estate Photographer:

1. What is your experience?

You wouldn’t hire or expect to be hired without this being one of the first questions you ask or would be asked and it’s the same when hiring your professional real estate photographer. Just because they may be an experienced photographer doesn’t mean they have experience shooting architectural work. Just as in any other area of photography, shooting real estate takes a certain level of skill and mastery. View their portfolio so you can better decide if they are able to accurately shoot the interior and exterior of a home.

2. Do you own the right professional equipment?

Real estate photographers can get away with having minimal equipment but they need specific gear to be able to properly shoot. A quality DSLR camera that is at least 16 megapixels and a wide angled lens are necessary. They should also have a sturdy tripod to be sure to capture sharp photos. While it may not be an exuberant amount of equipment, they are key investments a professional photographer must carefully select.

3. What types of services do you offer?

Aside from just taking images, there are additional services you should consider when hiring a real estate photographer. From HDR, video and drone photography you want to know if the photographer you are considering offers these useful services. Each of these additional services can be more of an investment but they can help sell the property quicker and set you apart from other listing agents in your area.

5 questions for your real estate photographer

4. How long will it take to receive the finished images?

Working with a photographer that provides a fast turnaround time is not only beneficial but necessary for your business. If it takes days or weeks for the photographer to be able to provide you with the final images then you want to find another photographer. Most professional real estate photographers should have final images back to you in about 24-48 hours after the shoot is completed. Photographers on Stilio.com have access to top quality editing services that can get you the edited photos back less than 24 hours after your shoot.

5. How would your past clients describe your professionalism?

The photographer you hire will be a representation of you as an agent. Being able to trust the photographer to be professional with not just you but with your clients is vital. Will they be respectful to your clients? It may seem like an overlooked factor but you want to ensure the photographer you hire will be reliable, considerate and presentable on each shoot. Additionally, you want to know about their customer service skills as well. Will you be able to easily get in contact with them if there are any issues? The success of a professional real estate photographer is directly linked to your success so they should respond quickly.